Our Story


Home is where the heart is, wherever (or whoever) that may be. Home may be in a person you unconditionally love that makes the rest of the world vanish, it may be in the warmth of your room where you feel safest, it may even be in a familiar sound, taste, or scent. Orin Essentials was once just a dream between a mother and daughter that wanted to share their passion for creating into a reality. From going to baking lessons together to sharing their love for photography, one generation to the next, home for them was simply being together and supporting one another through it all.

What once started as a hobby, playing with different waxes and scents and trying to perfect the candle making craft, soon escalated to sharing their passion with friends, family, and now with people all over the world.

After a year testing hundreds of fragrances, experimenting with waxes and wicks, and getting opinions from friends and family, we are proud to bring to you the highest and cleanest quality candle that you won’t ever want to turn off. As we continue to expand our Orin Essentials family, we invite you to join us on this journey of creating beautiful moments. Whether you're gathered around the dinner table with loved ones or enjoying a quiet evening alone, let our candles be the catalyst for moments that matter.

Our home was never a place, but more so people that made us feel a togetherness not everyone could. We believe in genuinely enjoying what we do and valuing what truly matters: people.